Sounds like a little old lady from Hialeah. If that’s the case, and knowing the location of that particular spot, the guys in there probably are Cuban or Latino, played on the familiarity and spoke to her respectfully. She thought she was being taken care of, she’s used to people respecting their elders. » 4/30/15 5:33pm Thursday 5:33pm

The problem is the BRZ isn’t as good as the S2000 - 12 years later. It’s a great little car for what it is, but the current gen GTI has 100 more lb/ft and weighs 200 lbs more. 75% torque gain for 14% gain in weight. The BRZ may handle better, but it doesn’t handle THAT much better. » 4/30/15 2:38pm Thursday 2:38pm

This isn’t a fast car — my wife’s previous — the way the power came on was hilarious and also frustrating. The engine and throttle felt dead until around 2800 RPM and then it was moving like a go-cart. Trying to accelerate into traffic from a dead stop resulted in someone honking at you due to slow entry, or squealing… » 4/30/15 9:55am Thursday 9:55am

I love that Toyota truck, but what truck with 90k miles has THAT much work done to it unless it’s been abused to hell and back? A new bed? Those things had an issue with rust in the chassis, to the point where one of my friends got a significant amount of money from Toyota to trade it in :/ » 4/27/15 3:15pm 4/27/15 3:15pm

I drive an older AMG. I bought it when it was well depreciated, but it was well taken care of and I have continued the trend. It looks really good for a 10 year old car. People think I’m rich. Some people think I’m terribly stupid. When I bought it, my father just asked me “why?”. » 4/27/15 2:17pm 4/27/15 2:17pm