The Vikings finding a reason to get rid of Kluwe was underhanded, but in the end, fair game. Him getting on a public forum and calling them out for being ass-backwards and bigoted, also fair game. Them going on a PR kick and promising to investigate was a good call, so when they hide their findings, calling them out… » 7/15/14 9:56am 7/15/14 9:56am

Crossfitters. Runners. Walkers. Swimmers, gymnasts, pole dancers. If you push too hard, you get hurt. Get over your own ego enough not to want to lift or run or go as hard as the person next to you and recognize when your body tells you to rest and you'll be fine. The competition is always with yourself. Jesus Christ.… » 7/10/14 6:55pm 7/10/14 6:55pm

This happens but not as often as you'd think. In countries with arranged marriage, first, culturally they are predisposed to looking at marriage as an arrangement, and a mutually beneficial one. Men don't to into it as lecherous rapists and the women aren't all innocent child brides. Second the arrangement is more… » 7/09/14 6:39pm 7/09/14 6:39pm

It boggles my mind that you think because your 335d had 10k in issues at 34k miles he'll have huge repair bills with the AMG. You're right about 69k not being the same as an Accord, but wrong in the direction or order of magnitude, AMG engines are hand-built with forged internals, well-maintained, they'll last… » 7/06/14 8:28am 7/06/14 8:28am

Sorry. I'm unclear on what's been around for thousands of years. Not the USA. America is one of the greatest if not the greatest country in the world because we have the right to criticize it, whether you're a hipster blogger or Being in charge and being at the top doesn't mean we haven't made mistakes… » 7/01/14 6:45am 7/01/14 6:45am

I'd buy the Macan over the Cayenne and the Evoque, and maybe even over the Range Rover Sport, depending on the application. But the fact is, after the 1990s, I find driving SUVs or trucks in the city to be exhausting. » 6/18/14 6:49pm 6/18/14 6:49pm